Kamis, 07 April 2011

Blog Award for kotakhitam.info

To whom it may concern,
At first, let me give thanks to Annisa, who gave me this cool blog award. You know, i'm  so happy receiving this logo, even perhaps, my blog (you can call it now "my personal website" because of it's new name) is so far  away from perfection. But i promise to make this blog  better time by time, and i dont want to let it just like junk webs/blogs out there, that provide tricky keywords so it will allow people from searching engine going into, although there are nothing inside.
And for terms of this award,.i must write a little about me, so i am going to tell you that i am just  an ordinary guy who loves writing for becoming one of my hobbies. I don't have any special ability, neither in field of sports nor academics. That is true, i am a home guy, who spend almost of my time in the room. That's why i found this blogging hobby. 
Respect for another term, there is a compulsory task for the awardee to continue giving this award logo to 8 others friends. So i will place the picture link in blogs which are listed here as my blog's buddies.You can find the lists at right side place of this blog. I do hope all of them will be happy receiving this and do obligatory  task to: 
  1. Give thanks to Awarder.
  2. Tell about him/herself.
  3. Deploy the Logo to 8 others.
Thank you.
(ps: I beg your pardon for my bad english, i just started practising written english)

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